8 Ways to Power-Up Your Crowdfunding Pitch

Entrepreneurs are using crowdfunding to pitch their ideas to a crowd of people in the hope of raising funds. You have an idea, crowdfunding-circleformulate the logistics of the plan, and then upload the idea to ChibaTrade, where a crowd of contributors will see it and if they like it, will pledge a certain amount to the project. Quite simple if you ask me. Hold your horses for a second. Uploading a project and making a project successful is two different things. ChibaTrade has grown in popularity but that doesn’t mean you go in head first and expect every member to pledge to your campaign. That is why were here to help. In this blog post we will be telling you 8 strategic ways to power up your crowdfunding pitch. Remember it’s a war to win the hearts and mind of backers and your pitch is your first point of contact with potential backers.

1. Analyze successful and unsuccessful projects and plan your campaign accordingly.

2. Next, plan. As the old saying goes “plan before you plant”

3. Keep the contents of your video short, simple and engaging: You only make a first impression once

4. Make sure your pitch gets to the point and is clear and concisive

5. Show off your passion. Let viewers know: Why are you passionate about projects, and why should they be

as well?

6. Clips and photos don’t have to be “professional” or polished. However, make sure it looks presentable. And not difficult to watch or read.

7. Show yourself in your own pitch video

A mistake many crowdfunders make is not starring in their pitch videos. The truth is you must appear in your pitch video. People give to people, not to projects.

8. Believe in yourself – when you believe in yourself than the positive energy will show, if you want people to believe in you, first believe in.

Source From:http://www.chibatrade.com


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