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Miami Real Estate SearchMAXIM VLESSING is an expert in Miami  luxury property, and has been sought out by buyers and sellers who desire the help of a friendly and experienced agent. More Then twenty years of experience in negotiating deals on luxury homes, Condo has made him a favorite amongst homeowners in the Miami area. His newly launched website for luxury homes can be found at

Maxim Vlessing originally from Amsterdam the Netherlands, has been in business development in several European and USA markets since 1983. He has brought different formats and strategies in local and international markets from retail, wholesale, to service related industries. Maxim has graduated in the Netherlands and followed business and engineering studies at Georgia Tech in Atlanta Georgia.

Maxim Vlessing specializes in the sale of luxury homes in Miami Florida. For 20 years,he has provided buyers and sellers of luxury homes with in-depth professional assistance in the sale and purchase of residential property. Maxim Vlessing years of experience in the real estate business. He is a seasoned expert in the sale and purchase of luxury real estate, with highly honed skills in negotiating deals, marketing properties, and putting together the right seller with the right buyer, thus effecting simple and smooth closings. Maxim has worked with hundreds of clients, including well-known celebrities, and has been effective in closing sales of many luxury homes and condominiums in Florida. A buyer of property will receive personalized, professional assistance in both identifying the right property, and in negotiating the deal. Before buying any property, a client will be an educated buyer, having learned sales prices and asking prices of comparable properties in the area of choice, so that the decision that is made will be the right one.

Maxim Vlessing is one of Miami’s Top Producers in real estate sales, is admired by his fellow realtors, and has earned the respect of buyers and sellers who have come to him, to seek the assistance of an expert in Miami Real Estate.

The last few years he has been focusing on land acquisitions and management for the hospitality industry. In addition he is using his extensive international experience to expand his client list to build exceptional relationship in residential and commercial properties.His knowledge and experience in the real estate industry allow him to bring a big picture perspective to each of his client’s needs.

An entrepreneur at heart, he enjoys networking and learning the stories of success.


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