Xbox Live Gold – Experience the gaming rush

Xbox Live Gold

Xbox Live Gold offers the most advanced multiplayer gaming network, free games, exclusive member discounts and premier entertainment all delivered onto your Xbox 360. Enjoy unparalleled online ma

tches with Titanfall and Halo; join a massive community and battle online through free to play games such as World of Tanks and Warface; and build your gaming library with two free games every month.

Microsoft is also giving away an epic Gold Rush suitcase full of gaming goodies worth INR 3 Lacs approx! The prize includes a 100g Gold Bar, a Titanfall Collector’s Edition for Xbox 360, an Xbox 360 Special Edition Chrome series controller (Gold), and an Xbox Live 12-month Gold subscription card.

In addition, eight lucky Xbox Live Gold members will also be picked at random to win an Xbox Live 12-Month Gold Subscription Card.

For more information about Xbox LIVE Gold Rush, please visit:

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