EXCLUSIVE Moscow Mule Copper Mug Introduce By Arizona Based Coppermules.com

moscow mule copper mugCopper has been used for millennia as a way to hold a drink, to take a drink. In ancient times, the people of Ireland enjoyed their drink by way of a copper goblet called an “escra”, and countless yogis of India used copper cups. American colonists drank from copper mugs, The Virginia tankard, to name one, dating from the mid-1600’s, and what was called a “flaggon” with its generous 3-cup volume. Fast forward to the 1940’s and the Moscow Mule came to town. A beverage, or shall we say a “cocktail” with a bite that insisted on its own copper mug. And what we now have, is the Copper Mule.

About Coppermules.Com

CopperMules.com is a family run operation hailing out of Scottsdale Arizona. Having been in the provisions industry for decades, we found not only a great story in the evolution of the Moscow Mule but an opportunity to bring, to the masses, beautifully crafted Moscow Mule Mugs that play a key part in the enjoyment of historically rich cocktails.

Click Here for Buy Now From: Coppermules.com Or Amazon.Com

How to Make A Perfect Moscow Mule


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