Light of the World Coaching: Ministering to the Whole Woman

Ministering to the Whole WomanIs your life feel a bit stuck?

Felling everything is impossible?

Whatever it is… Light of the World Coaching is the right destination to break through your hard times and bring life back to your days and moments.

Here, a spiritual life coach for Christian Women, Toni Kim is dedicated to teaching spiritual enlightenment to support and empower women in moving toward more purposeful living. She is not adding days to your life, but we are adding life to your days.

Woman cares for everyone, she depletes everything and when she need support the most to come through a complicated period, rally a new goal or make the most of her days, there is often no one or no any resource for her. Things may seem burdensome and hard to handle. However, in the sessions of life training, you can develop a more desirable, positive and happy outlook for your life.

After all, we live in an precarious world, where everyone is busy all the time and they have a hard time to connect with themselves and others in a deeper level. Toni Kim can help you build a strategy to get past what is getting you back and move into ultimate happiness. She is passionate about helping women to move through crisis and training Christian women to turn their challenges into opportunities and experience the power of the God given potentials.

With years of experience in health counseling, life changing and spiritual augmentation, Toni loves to serve as a catalyst for discovering what you truly want in your personal or professional life, especially during times of hard times. She inspires women to reach new heights.

If you want to move forward and reach your goals in your life, you can discuss your matters with Toni by phone or Skype. She will give you personal support and focus on your needs to overcome adversities and enjoy spiritual wisdom with the power of presence.

For more information, visit


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