Silicon Valley Forum Announces 3rd Annual World Cup Tech Challenge On June 1, 2016

Silicon Valley Forum announces the 3rd Annual World Cup Tech Challenge on June 1, 2016 at Microsoft’s campus in Mountain View. Besides the AI/Robotics startup, World Cup Tech Challenge day will also feature inspiring talks from our great keynote speakers. Being the place of meeting of the next generation of emerging tech companies around the globe, this challenge features startups that have been actually accepted into the World Cup Tech Challenge. All of these startups are basically in the pre-global stage which means that they have launched their products in their respective local markets and are now ready to go for a global launch.  Besides bringing the global startups, this World Cup Tech Challenge day will also feature inspiring talks from the great keynote speakers. Winners will be determined by a combination of the judge’s scores on competition day and online votes.

SLICK one of the startups aims to make unproblematic video production for mainstream. Their first product is a wearable smart device that allows one to capture professional grade videos hands free. Performetric (, another startup offers a real-time monitoring system that allows the management of mental fatigue in a non-invasive way that aims to develop leisure and work context-aware environments that may improve the quality of life, wellness, mental health and individual performance. WeaRobot, the Mexican startup develops active exoskeletons that can be used as motion assistant or rehabilitation device for the elderly and physically impaired.

The AI/Robotics challenge takes pride in having speakers like FIRESIDE CHAT: TONY CONRAD, CEO & Co-Founder,, Partner, True Ventures; DEBJIT MUKERJI, Director of Venture Technology, Siemens TTB; DENYSE CARDOZO, Executive Director, Silicon Valley Forum; NEIL DEVANI, Investor, Rothenberg Ventures; HANK GICLAS, Senior VP – Science, Technology & Strategic Planning – Western Growers; RISA STACK, General Manager, New Business Creation, GE Ventures and many more.

About World Cup Tech Challenge 2016:
Silicon Valley Forum launches World Cup Tech Challenge 2016 that is going to take place on June 1, 2016 at Microsoft’s campus in Mountain View.

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Bikini Mama’s Launches Innovative, Trendy Swimwear Line

Bikini Mama’s announces their new swimwear line, catered to the pregnant and breastfeeding Mom. After 2 years of research and development, they launched their completely adjustable maternity-to-nursing bikini and convertible tankini wrap that adapts to the ever-evolving pregnant and post-pregnant body. The nursing top gives new moms the ease and accessibility to nurse their child, discreetly poolside or at the beach. The convertible tankini offers pregnant and new moms the option to cover up or bear their tummies – wow, two swimsuits in one. The tankini wrap also serves as a skirt or a nursing cover.

Owner, Terri-Lynne, designed the swimwear after being disappointed by the selection of maternity swimwear she found while pregnant “To my great surprise and frustration, all the maternity & nursing swimwear available was unattractive, ill fitting, poorly designed and impractical. It felt as though the bathing suit industry had abandoned us pregnant and breastfeeding moms and that we were second-class! The caring, thought, respect and research simply were not there in the design of maternity swimsuits.

I decided that it was time to do something about that situation. Expectant and breastfeeding moms deserve to have a well designed bathing suit that meets the evolving needs of a pregnant woman.” Based on those needs, Bikini Mamas was born.

Some of the features you can find with Bikini Mama’s swimwear…

– Trendy maternity to nursing swimwear that adjusts to your evolving pregnant body

– Made of comfortable, quick drying and high quality material for long term wear

– Convenience of a nursing bra: strong clips can be fastened and unfastened with an easy one-hand operation, for discreet nursing

– Bikini tops are super supportive and easily accessible to nurse your baby

– Bra never bunches when re-clipped after breastfeeding

– Inner frame not only offers support but enhances cleavage

– Straps offer a wide range of adjustment to make prolonged use comfortable

– Reshapes to your post-pregnancy silhouette, and can be worn as a traditional bathing suit

– Tankini wrap converts any Bikini Mama’s bikini into a tankini; acts as a totally adjustable skirt to cover your belly or stretch marks when you might want some modesty and can also act as a skirt or nursing cover

Bikini Mama’s is an online swimwear boutique based in Studio City, CA. Founded in 2013, Bikini Mama’s designs and sells, maternity/nursing and traditional swimwear.

It’s patented nursing top and tankini wrap offers options no other maternity line can.

Terri-Lynne Anderson
Bikini Mama’s
P.O. Box 4892, Valley Village, CA 91617
P: (855) 749-6141 FREE

Launch of New Full Service, Professional Medical Marketing Company Serving California

A new full service, professional website for Medical Marketing Company has recently launched, providing creative and engaging Medical video production services for both small and large companies throughout the California.Trinsic Animation brings a new perspective in appealing to audiences by doing away with the cookie-cutter video production approach. It’s a unique new national collective of talented and creative minds who have deep content, commercial and broadcast production experience. The video production company for Medical marketing firms specializes in problem solving, branding and executing in an efficient and effective manner.

About Trinsic Animation:

Trinsic Animation is a full service scientific and medical animation company. From initial concept to final mobile delivery, our medically trained team can bring your project to life. From medical device work to pharmacological medical animations, call us toll free at 1-855-337-6257 FREE to see how we can make your project a success.

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Trinsic Animation

Enjoy the experience of a Professional photo-shoot with your loved ones

photography studio sydneyLooky Looky Photo Studio is located in Sydney,Australia. They specialize in wide areas of photography solutions like baby photography,newborn photography, Kids photography, child photography, Pregnancy Photography and much more. It always works with the latest trends and modern fashion to combine the idea that the customers have in mind. After successfully getting the right idea of what they want to achieve, Lookylooky and others make it their priority to make happen what customers exactly envisioned. With modern photography equipment, the customers are provided with a diverse range of photoshoot options that people will receive only when working with Lookylooky. That is a big reason why they are one of the leading photography solution for the customers in Sydney,Australia.

Don’t worry about what to wear, or what to bring if you take shooting at Looky Looky Photo Studio.We provide several types of professional and world class photography services at budget-friendly prices. The services include Capturing the beauty of life, from your pregnancy and moments with your newborn, to every precious year of life with your kids etc. and all are so much fun to work with. Various concepts of theme are ready to shoot at the studio in any

time, or in any weathers. We have 15 different themes, such as shooting at the basic coloured papers background, natural feeling scene, outdoor garden scene, etc., and more themes are coming. Baby exerts will work together to catch different facial expressions.

The Looky Looky Photo Studio is abundant with gorgeous, vibrant props specially introduced for the kids and babies photoshoot. The customer is given with the freedom to choose whether they want an indoor photoshoot or outdoor shoot. Every family, maternity and newborn sessions are done in a happy and safe environment for attaining the desired outcome. The dream of every

customer is fulfilled by lookylooky and Its staff. This dream and vision is brought to life by a simple but powerful touch of a brilliant photographer. Each and each work ranging from preparing for shoot and editing of the captured photos isn’t done by third party. In short, one receive ultimate precision and perfection with Looky Looky Photo Studio.

About Looky Looky:

Lookylooky studio is photography Capturing the Beautiful family, from your pregnancy and moments with your newborn,babies,kids. Enjoy the experience of a professional photo-shoot with your loved ones.

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Looky Looky

Contact No: 0425 874 690



Fully Refurbished One Stop Destination for High-Quality and Designer Lighting for Your Home and Office

Sherwood Lighting

Sherwood Lighting Nottingham has been fully refurbished in May2016 and is your address for a wide variety of designer lighting which you would wish to sparkle and light your home or office. With a decade of experience in this trade, we understand what interiors mean for any property owner. Lighting certainly plays an important role in our home interiors and this is why one needs to make sure to choose the right lighting for their property. Through right light, the entire theme of your home can come out creatively and each and every corner can sparkle in your property. We have a wide range of lighting of both home and office which can be just perfect for you so all you need to do is have your property in your mind and choose the best for it.


Sherwood lighting offers all the solutions under one roof and has experienced and professional technical experts who can help you when selecting appropriate lighting for your home. These experts understand what it takes to showcase the best effects on your wall and ceiling and thus will make sure to suggest something which suits your home the best. Whether it is interiors of exteriors we have a wide range of lighting from elite brands such as Franklite, Dar, Elstead, Diyas and are also proud to be the main stockist of David Hunt lighting.

We have everything under one roof right from bathroom lights, ceiling lights, crystal, designer lights, floor lamps, kitchen and spot lights, led lights, led light bulbs, modern lights, outdoor lights, table lamps, traditional lights, wall lights and variety of accessories which is just right for your place. With more than 30 years of experience in the lighting industry, we have supplied lighting to a variety of customers which include interior designers, electricians and furniture experts. Now we have a detailed understanding of our customers lighting requirements so we can happily assist them and with our expertise can ensure that they get the appropriate product for each room of their property. Irrespective of the lighting project now we can handle it all with much expertise and professionalism.

Sherwood lighting in Nottingham is a name in itself and it took us years to reach this point where our customers trust us and count on us for the best quality lighting products and accessories. So if you are looking to change the look of your home interiors or exteriors we can ensure we have a lighting which can do justice to this job.

So come and explore a wide variety of lighting with us and visit our website at or call us at 0115 926 6777 if you need any help with lighting at your home.

Trips with Pets Offer Comprehensive Information on Pet Friendly Hotels, Car Rental Agencies, and Air Carriers.

Pet Friendly HotelsTrips with Pets Offer Comprehensive Information on To a pet owner, his/her pet is not merely an animal but his/her companion, friend as well a valued member of the family. Hence, it is obvious that in the instances that he/she plans for a trip or a day out, there would be aspirations to be accompanied by the pet, which is apparently a tough deal as the transporter as well as the hotels usually adopts a not pet policy. Trips with Pets assist the pet owners to chance the scenario.

Trips with Pets happen to be an online portal that is dedicated towards the interest of the pet lovers and the pet owners. The objective of this portal is to furnish important information on the rearing the pets. Visiting the portal, the pet owner will get the information about the Pet friendly hotels that welcomes the pet owners in the company of their pets, car rental agencies that allows the pet to be accommodated in their cars as well as the pet-friendly airline carriers that allow the boarding of the pets and hence, the pet owners can accomplish the desire to take the pets along with, while they go out for a trip.

It is obvious, if you own a cat as a pet, getting information about the Cat friendly hotels will always assist you to plan and arrange your trip conveniently and hassle-free style. Aside furnishing the information on the Dog-friendly hotels or the carriers that allow the pet to be accommodated, Trips with Pets also provides information about the sources that can get the pet owner the necessary pet products as cheaper rates.

As per the spokesperson of the portal “our objective is to support the pet owners to consolidate their relationship with their favorite pet companions”.

About Trips with Pets
Trips with Pets is a website that provides information about pet care and Pet-friendly hotels, car rental agencies as well as the air carriers that allows the boarding in the company of the pets. Visit for more information.

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Trips with Pets
3650 Rogers Road, Suite 259
Wake Forest, NC 27587
Phone: (919) 249-PETS (7387)


Trips with Pets is the one-stop source for the information on Pet friendly hotels, car rental agencies as well as the air carriers that allows the pet owner to be accompanied by their pets, Car Rental Agencies, and Air Carriers.

Toni Kim Offers ChristianLife Coaching To Give Women a Better Quality Of Life

2467481Although women around the world had turned largely outgoing in contemporary times; it is a fact that the liberty often threatens them with loads of unbearable burden, both in the family and professional life. It inevitably results in the accumulation of stress that eats away her health and quality of life. This is where a modern lady sincerely can be benefited from the Christian life coaching.

Toni Kim holds extensive experience as a Christian life coach for women and her initiative “Light of the world coaching” is directed towards providing the guidance and coaching to the contemporary women on the various aspects of life and provides them the most extensive guidance as how to manage the adverse instances in life, giving them a better quality of life. As a life coach for women, she helps women to handle the complexities and the stresses in life more efficiently so that they live a better life.

Offering the personal as well as the online session of life coaching for women, the guidance from Toni Kim is oriented and based on the foundations of Christianity and hence, the approach is to solve the troubles in the materialistic world with the remedies having the spiritual essence. One can take a few free consultancy sessions with Toni before subscribing for her life coaching session at a reasonable price.

Toni Kim States “my objective is to take spiritualism closely to the materialistic world and enable the modern women to embrace the message of Lord as remedies o their worldly troubles. The mission is all about giving women a batter quality of life as well a purposeful living. The private sessions are targeted towards bringing self-reliance, confidence as well as to foster personal development and transiting the stressful life to a blissful living”.

About Light of the world coaching
The Light of the world coaching is an initiative by Toni Kim to foster self-reliance, confidence and personal growth among the modern women, based on the doctrines and fundamental of Christianity. You can visit for more information.


Light of the world coaching is the endeavor from Toni Kim to offer Christian life coaching to women worldwide to make their life peaceful and purposeful.