N’Damus London Launches in NYC

N’Damus London, known for it’s ‘classically stylish’ luxury handcrafted leather bags and accessories, will launch its U.S. brand at the Magnises Townhouse in NYC on March 5. Featured in Vogue, Tatler, Elle, Harpers Bazaar, InStyle, Marie Claire & The Guardian early on, and carried by celebrities and athletes, N’Damus London has been widely followed in both the United Kingdom and the United States since its inception in 2006.

Designer Nneka Onyenakala, a Biomedical Science Graduate equally passionate about creating bespoke leather goods, clean lines, and unwavering construction, developed the brand to dispel the myth that ‘handmade has to look handmade.’ N’Damus London prides itself on working with a local manufacturer in London, their 20 years of experience lending to the quality and impeccably constructed pieces.

The N’Damus brand continues to evolve and has called on its new New York presence as inspiration for a new line of rucksacks, vividly colored clutches, document cases, and card cases.

Media, Buyers and Fashion Industry Executives are invited to attend the N’Damus Launch on Thursday. Please RSVP with your company affiliation, and applicable social profiles here: rsvp@ndamus.com

About N’Damus London
We’re a small independent company based in London that designs & crafts classically stylish luxury leather bags & accessories. All products are handmade in London, England.

We work closely with a small manufacturing company in London with over 20 years manufacturing experience & expertise. We continue to work closely with our customers creating bespoke bags & accessories to produce stylish and classically unique products. N’Damus London is relentlessly focused on creating stylish, classic, modern and unique pieces with impeccable construction.

N’Damus London proud to have received press features in the creme dela creme of the fashion world including Vogue, Tatler, Elle, Harpers Bazaar, InStyle, Marie Claire & The Guardian.

About The Designer, Nneka Onyenakala
In 2006 self taught designer Nneka Onyenakala began creating bags in her London home inspired by a desire to produce handbags to match her rainbow coloured collection of stilettos.

She is also educated with a degree in Biomedical Science.

The full N’Damus Press Kit is available for download now.

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Bikini Mama’s Launches Innovative, Trendy Swimwear Line

Bikini Mama’s announces their new swimwear line, catered to the pregnant and breastfeeding Mom. After 2 years of research and development, they launched their completely adjustable maternity-to-nursing bikini and convertible tankini wrap that adapts to the ever-evolving pregnant and post-pregnant body. The nursing top gives new moms the ease and accessibility to nurse their child, discreetly poolside or at the beach. The convertible tankini offers pregnant and new moms the option to cover up or bear their tummies – wow, two swimsuits in one. The tankini wrap also serves as a skirt or a nursing cover.

Owner, Terri-Lynne, designed the swimwear after being disappointed by the selection of maternity swimwear she found while pregnant “To my great surprise and frustration, all the maternity & nursing swimwear available was unattractive, ill fitting, poorly designed and impractical. It felt as though the bathing suit industry had abandoned us pregnant and breastfeeding moms and that we were second-class! The caring, thought, respect and research simply were not there in the design of maternity swimsuits.

I decided that it was time to do something about that situation. Expectant and breastfeeding moms deserve to have a well designed bathing suit that meets the evolving needs of a pregnant woman.” Based on those needs, Bikini Mamas was born.

Some of the features you can find with Bikini Mama’s swimwear…

– Trendy maternity to nursing swimwear that adjusts to your evolving pregnant body

– Made of comfortable, quick drying and high quality material for long term wear

– Convenience of a nursing bra: strong clips can be fastened and unfastened with an easy one-hand operation, for discreet nursing

– Bikini tops are super supportive and easily accessible to nurse your baby

– Bra never bunches when re-clipped after breastfeeding

– Inner frame not only offers support but enhances cleavage

– Straps offer a wide range of adjustment to make prolonged use comfortable

– Reshapes to your post-pregnancy silhouette, and can be worn as a traditional bathing suit

– Tankini wrap converts any Bikini Mama’s bikini into a tankini; acts as a totally adjustable skirt to cover your belly or stretch marks when you might want some modesty and can also act as a skirt or nursing cover

Bikini Mama’s is an online swimwear boutique based in Studio City, CA. Founded in 2013, Bikini Mama’s designs and sells, maternity/nursing and traditional swimwear.

It’s patented nursing top and tankini wrap offers options no other maternity line can.

Terri-Lynne Anderson
Bikini Mama’s
P.O. Box 4892, Valley Village, CA 91617
P: (855) 749-6141 FREE
E: info@bikinimamas.com

Interview With Dr Faust : Maestro of Design at Dr Faust Clothing


While the ideal is to be cunningly adroit at wielding a sewing machine or have enough cash to invest in some of the bespoke Gothic Couture designs, most of us need to make do with the “alternative high street”. Luckily there are a number of brands that provide us with great quality and variety. Providing us with an off the peg outfit – or even better a base for customisation and accessorising! It’s always nice to find out a little bit about the companies you buy from, especially as you are not only lining their pockets, but are using them to create your personal fashion statement. Dr Faust is one such company, and I took the time to speak with Leonardo Swan, Maestro of Design at Dr Faust Clothing.

You have surpassed the monumental 30 years mark, to what do you attribute your success?

Dr Faust has survived 30 years of designing original and unusual fashion because we have a passionate & dedicated team of designers, stylists & artists who love being creative and seeing their unique imaginings in retailers throughout the world! This is backed up by a bespoke IT system which allows us to offer a fast processing and shipping service.

Have you found that the recession has affected your business? Why, why not and how?

The recession has had an effect on our sales but as we sell globally what we lose from one country is usually picked up by another. We are gaining lots of customers in Australia with our polka dot ranges, the Eastern Block countries with our hardcore punk ranges and the US with our steampunk ranges. There is no obvious best seller at the moment!

Could you tell me about the company’s beginnings? Who started it and what made you decide to cater for the alternative scene?

Dr Faust was started by myself and Sol Desjardins with a group of enthusiastic friends from Londons vibrant & energising Soho district. We decided to open a shop where we could cater for the emerging alternative clothing scene. We travelled to London and Manchester every month buying and trading garments. The shops success gave us the confidence and resources to begin the creation of our own label.

How did the name Dr Faust come to be chosen? Many of my readers will intrigued by the choice.

Well now that’s a strange story. We had been out for a night celebrating the birth of Sols beautiful second daughter Marianna when we came across a young street performer. He was certainly drawing a crowd with his soulful saxaphone. We stayed for a time and eventually during a break in his performance we approached to get the guys story. He wove a tale of flight from persecution after being accused of bargaining his soul for the worldly pleasures of a girl from another village. Perhaps a little too full of cheer we hung on every word as his life was laid out in spectacular fashion. Each event seeming more enchanting than the last. Now whether the tale was entirely made up I could not say but it did remind Walker (Hitchens – Dr Fausts lead Graphic Designer) of an old German Legend he had heard as a child of Doctor Faustus who traded his soul to the Devil in return for worldly pleasures. As we looked at the legends we realised the character and legend fitted with our designs & styles so Dr Faust was born.

Being one of the major alternative brand names around, how do you find competition in the marketplace? How would you say you differ from what others have to offer?

When we first started there were very few companies in the UK manufacturing alternative clothing but now we have competition from all over the world. New and original competition is welcome as it spurs our designs and allows the market to grow. Watered down imitations of good designs are not well received. The customer base for the alternative scene carry a large amount of knowledge and certainly don’t tolerate low quality or poor design.

Who designs your clothing? Why have you chosen to keep this all local and in-house?

We have a full design studio, printers and warehouse in the UK where we produce all our designs. We have a small but dedicated core design team which has, for the most part, been unchanged since the early days in Soho. This team is complemented by guest designers from local art schools & like any business we have an ebb & flow to our satellite design teams. Designing everything in house gives us flexibility and allows us to really experiment with different ideas.

Where is the strangest or furthest place you have supplied?

We have sold around the world but the strangest sale I can recall was a Corset for a nunnery.

How many alternative people do you employ within the business? Do you think it’s important to keep in touch with the scene you supply?

Our staff range from the apprentice warehouse lad with dreadlocks to the 65 year old accountant with the blue rinse who thinks most of our designs are “A bit odd” as she puts it. Diversity is our watchword we have Native Scots, English, Welsh, Italian, French, Polish, Moroccan & a Wiccan Pagan from Derby on our team. True creativity requires a diverse base and we are proud of ours.

Indulge Yourself with Indulgences By Body Bronze’s Signature Spa & Beauty Care

Indulgences By Body Bronze specializes in all modern advanced techniques in the practice of skin transformation, facial treatments, lash extension, airbrush tanning, massage therapy, and also in pain-free hair removal services.

At our fabulous boutique, we serve you simply the best that truly relax your mind, body and soul. We promise you to pamper you – inside and out! We offers the NASA Technology Face-Lift Facial, Glam Eyelash Extension, and over ten different magic massage ranging from Fusion Massage to Swedish to Couples and Pregnancy Massage in Little Rock, AR.

Our entire staff is well-trained and works professionally to tie your wellness goals with our luxury services. Your Indulgences By Body Bronze experience will offer extra WOW effect.

Here, you will be also wowed with Membership Packages, Spa Gift Certificates & Special Packages for your special events or parties. O’Natural Lash Extension at our Little Rock, AR boutique is a smart solution to your beautiful eyes.

We know that each individuals has a complex set of needs. And your health is very important for us. With this in mind, we also customize our sessions that meet your all wellness needs and enhance your experience. Our single goal is to treat you ultimate wellness sanctuary and inner peace.

Look around our website http://www.indulgencesbybodybronze.com/, if you want to book an appointment for Little Rock’s massage or eyelash extensions, please feel free to contact us.

About Indulgences By Body Bronze

Indulgences By Body Bronze is a home of contemporary retreats, offering a signature spa and beauty experience which includes facials, full-body waxing, massage therapy, spray tanning, eyelash extensions and spa packages for all busy expatriates, tired travelers and stylish locals customers. We would like to welcome you to try our exclusive services, all while relaxing and being pampered.

Contact Details:

Indulgences By Body Bronze

14524 Cantrell Rd,

# 130 Little Rock, AR 72223 USA.

Phone: 501-777-9861

E-mail: info@indulgences.com

Bring Today’s Dazzling Looks with Synthetic Lace Front Wigs

Luxe Beauty Supply LogoLuxurious Hair Boutique, a reputed vendor is now available with their online store over the internet where everyone gets choice to buy high quality and stylish synthetic lace front wigs at amazing cost.

There are so many reasons to purchase wigs. Some women tend to get instant glamorous look without doing anything too drastic to their own hair, while some wish for their romantic bridal hairstyles or others would like to wear wigs daily or on special occasions. Well, no matter for what reason you look for the wigs, but it obvious that you would want the hair look as real as possible. So if you wish for a natural looking hairline even if it isn’t real, then Luxurious Hair Boutique(also known as Luxe Beauty Supply)’s online store is open for you.

Through years of experience and dedication to our beauties, we have delivered a huge collection of high quality synthetic lace wigs, lace front wigs, and other hair products from exclusive brands in all of your favorite hair styles, colors, lengths and texture. With our skilled individuals, we will help you to make right choice and get today’s hottest looks without the hassle and expense of hair salon visits.

The Luxe Beauty Supply online (https://www.lhboutique.com/) sells various wigs which are not only gorgeous, but are quite comfortable and offers women the style and color they desire. Our online shop features latest most fashion-forward styles, the newest exclusive colors, lace wigs, etc. The smooth and soft hair texture, the fine and permanent curl, the durability of the wigs and unbeatable wholesale prices make us famed among our customers. Our main goal is to satisfy the customers’ needs by offering the premium quality products, best deal and knight service in the hair world.

Our wide assortment of synthetic lace front wig is made from the most refined quality synthetic fibers. These are fit to most people’s head. With them, you won’t have to spend much time styling your wig, as these already come styled and will stay that way with right care. Our top quality and branded synthetic lace front wigs provide completely natural look. And their prices are unbeatable! You can buy your favorite wigs according to your skin tone.

Our unique concept will present the gorgeousness and confidence of a pretty lady with the offering of our most candid customer service and the right product. With a massive collection, you can be assured you will always get best to feel you are the best.

Check out a latest most fashion-forward lace front wigs collection at https://www.lhboutique.com/ and stay tuned here for upcoming Luxe Beauty Supply scoop.

About Luxurious Hair Boutique

Luxurious Hair Boutique is a well-known name in the wig industry with over 6 years. We offer fabulous selection of world’s most luxurious brands of cosmetics, fashion and hair accessories, and other hair care products too. You can assure that our all products are available with a long-lasting quality.

Store Location:
Holly Tree Shopping Center
2477 Crain Hwy.
Waldorf, MD 20601
Email: customersupport@lhboutique.com

Haute Living and Westime Celebrate Brian Grazer In LA

Haute LivingHaute Living Luxury Living Magazine, partnering with Westime, Southern California’s premiere watch retailer, and Zacapa rum, celebrated Brian Grazer and his September/October cover of Haute Living Los Angeles with a VIP soiree attended by his fiancee, Veronica Smiley, Imagine Entertainment team and close friends at Spago in Beverly Hills on Sept. 10.

The 64-year-old Oscar-winner arrived at Spago and immediately greeted Smiley, a freelance brand and marketing consultant who advises companies, tech start-ups and nonprofits, also the former Chief Marketing Officer of sbe, before heading into the soiree.

After he had the opportunity to mingle with guests, Haute Living Publisher Kamal Hotchandani raised a glass and gave a brief speech about how honored he was to have Grazer on the cover.

In turn, Grazer spoke affably about how he had never seen himself looking so “imperious” in photographs, but admitted that everyone he’s spoken to seemed to favor the feature.

The feature’s photographer, Taj Stansberry, then presented the producer with a framed photograph that he admired during the July shoot. He and Haute Living will also be gifting Grazer and Smiley with a photograph of them taken during the shoot as an engagement present.

Guests at the event included Terrence J, Matt Rutler, Jeff Hyland, Lori Hyland, Nicolas Bijan, Crime By Design, Michael Rosenberg, Peter Eskelsen, Stacey Greenberg, Erica Huggins, Sage Shah, Tyler Mitchell, Alexandre Dauman, Laura Herb, Melissa Dimirjian, Rachel Sumers, Giselle Reinberg, Laura Hughes, Wael El Saadi, Benjamin Bloch and Sean Bloch.

Guests nibbled on crispy oyster Vietnamese spring rolls, chicken pot stickers, Wagyu sushi, sliders and potatoes with creme fraiche and caviar and sipped on Zacapa cocktails including the Curiously Stormy Night (named in honor of Grazer’s 2015 New York Times bestseller A Curious Mind: The Secret to a Bigger Life) and Sherry Nice Rum Punch.

Entertainment was provided by violinist and cellist Tim Loo and Alwyn Davies.

Have more time with sophisticated top luxury watch brands seen at Haute Time

Time is of the essence and this can never be over emphasized. Haute Time identifies with those who appreciates time for what it is—precious. They have expressed how they feel with exquisite pieces from the most prestigious watch makers around the world.

Exclusive Watches reviewed at Haute Time

Haute Time knows what the needs of their customers and just how to pleasure their delicate taste whilst maintaining their individuality. Create a story or write a new chapter with top luxury watch brands seen at Haute Time. They have pieces that are specifically designed for men and women.

His And Her Watches seen at Haute Time

The Chronométrie Quantième Annuel Vasco da Gama is a piece that is sourced and exclusively available only at Haute Time. It is said that the piece “pays homage to the Portuguese explorer’s greatest discoveries, and would have been a useful travel companion” for other explorers.

Women are lovers of fine things, and the Audemar Piguet’s Diamond Punk is the “brand’s latest haute joaillerie timepiece.” It is bold, rebellious and edgy with attitude. Just right for the female species whose variety and characteristics are simply superior and surpass that of men.

Haute Time reserve the most popular brands including Baume & Mercier, Breguet, Bell & Ross, Blancpain, Cartier, Graham and many others to suite every occasion and lifestyle.

Being the number one resource for luxury watches worldwide, HauteTime.com is the first website that is dedicated exclusively to watches valued at over $10,000. In addition, they provide real time news, information, and the newest timepiece models from favourite luxurious brands. They feature reviews of luxury watches and weekly interviews with watch collectors and brand VIPs.

Haute Time handles and promotes merchandise from only authorized dealers worldwide. Backed by some of the industry’s best experts such as Michael Friedman, Roanne Orlebar and others, Haute time has some of the most verified and versatile watches for everyday living.

“Haute Time has a collection of luxury timepieces bringing you the best from around the world, as they visit Hublot in Beverly Hills, Roger Dubuis in Dubai, and Blancpain in London.”

Collect memories, time and many travel stories that only a time piece from Haute Time can give. They are not just watches or collectibles they are memories to be treasured.

Choose the piece that has been waiting for a hand who respects time at http://www.hautetime.com/ 

Men’s Watch Brands seen at Haute Time