High Frequency Stock Market Search Engine Lets Small Traders Compete with Large Funds

A High Frequency Stock Market Search Engine has been developed by a U.S. financial technology firm that may offer small traders a better chance to succeed when competing against algo trading funds and large investors.

Modulus Financial Engineering, Inc, a technology provider to financial institutions, professional traders and organizations worldwide plans to release the product on a white label basis through a network of retail brokerages and technology partners.

“Small traders have been at a severe disadvantage over the past decade due to the increase in high frequency algorithmic trading, which has had a huge impact on trading and market dynamics.” said Richard Gardner, founder of Modulus Financial Engineering, Inc.

“The goal of our High Frequency Stock Market Search Engine is to provide traders a tool that will quickly identify trading opportunities across an extremely large universe of investments.”

The search engine is powered by the company’s own programming language, which lets traders specify complex investment search criteria. The scientific vector programming language was designed specifically for finance and high frequency trading.

The search engine is an improvement over the company’s previous version released six years ago.

“Our High Frequency Search Engine differs from our earlier version that was acquired by Genesis Securities in 2006.” notes Mr. Gardner.

“Although the previous version sent shockwaves through the trading community, the new version is more powerful. It’s capable of analyzing over a half million stock, options, futures or forex securities to return accurate investment advice in less than a few milliseconds. There’s nothing else quite like this.”

The new technology provides a distinct advantage in finding securities with a high probability of significant return. The company filed for several technology patents related to the new product design, which uses distributed computing and specially designed database engines.

Modulus is an engineering firm and plans to license the technology to brokerages and other technology firms on a white label basis.

About Modulus Financial Engineering, Inc.

The High Frequency Stock Market Search Engine is the creation of Modulus Financial Engineering, Inc., based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Founded in 1997, Modulus has provided advanced financial technology products and services to thousands of professional traders, brokerages, trading firms and renowned educational, governmental and non-profit institutions in over 94 countries. Actual clients include JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, Barclays, HSBC, NASDAQ, Rutgers and Cornell Universities, various stock exchanges around the world, Sungard, Microsoft and others.

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