The  http://www.yolenis.com  is the largest Greek online delicatessen that gives the opportunity to the European to source genuine products from every corner of Greece, within 16-36 hours!
More than 1,000 locally based products, 110 renowned producers of Greek countryside, rich with references to the history and ecosystem of each area, with many delicious recipes, with varying combinations of food and drink.

The site is available in Greek, English and German and soon in other languages.

The ‘setup’ of Yolenis began 3.5 years ago. The idea was born in 2011 and after careful research and hard work online work in December 2013. The main objective is to allow everyone, wherever they are, can easily and quickly obtain the unique products of the Greek land easily, quickly and safely.

The site is modern design with particular aesthetic approach, clear, easy to use / navigation, analytical and explanatory. The design, organization and content is crucial.

Surfing the http://www.Yolenis.Com is exciting “exploration experience” taste, using innovative multimedia art technologies, video with our production recipes and rich photographic material “alive” product on our screens and calls-invites us to taste .

The “Interactive Table of the Month” dominates the home page “paved” with products and recipes of the era. Through the stories of the place of production, the producers of the product itself.

The innovative interactive map of Greece gives the site’s content in products and recipes by town-area of origin. Displays the natural wealth of Greece, rare geomorphology with strong contrasts, different micro climate by region, the enormous biodiversity, respect for the environment that the elements that give the Greek products unique characteristics. Also highlighted the Mediterranean Diet . Most products are key elements of the internationally recognized standard of the Mediterranean diet and are considered elements of the Greek cultural heritage .

The http://www.yolenis.com raise and natural wealth of Greece, the terroir with strong contrasts, different microclimate by region, the enormous biodiversity, environmental education and namely the elements that give the Greek products and individual characteristics associated with development agrotourism.

The Yolenis not just offer only food products, but an overall unique experience for the visitor / customer. Key features are the attention to detail, consistency and service.

The primary objective is visitors to explore and experience the Mediterranean, nutritional and not only “treasures” of the Greek land.

The client http://www.yolenis.com is the modern, global consumer, who as a tireless explorer looking for the new, the true, the different, the quality, the selected. The client http://www.yolenis.com has no specific age, sex, education or socioeconomic status.

The most important “benefit” of e delicatessen visitors is that they can have a clear picture of the work, as there is a large multimedia material that accompanies the product and recipes! This facilitates more the visitor to get the right information and the main thing is that it is allowed to choose from among 1,000 products and receive them the next day!

John Georgiadis, Marketing Experience Coordinator of Yolenis, says specifically that:

“After 11 months on-line, o our commercial orientation is now multi Channel and includes besides the e-commerce, significant synergies with tourism companies and generally the Greek entrepreneurship and a wide range of original and affordable corporate gifts.

Especially this year we have integrated the corporate gift to our consumer choices and we want to further develop it, having a leading position in this field soon enough!

Note that already respond effectively and promptly to orders from many European countries. We started selling in Greece, but of course having clear export orientation today paradidontas within a 16-36 hours, we have already sent Greek products in most European Union countries.

Strategic our next step is the direct development of the U.S. and other countries – markets where the Mediterranean diet is gaining ground.

In September 2014 the YOLENIS.COM signed exclusive seller Greek traditional products strategic agreement with the TV show ‘The Cooking Odyssey’ displayed on television stations throughout the United States with great success and very high ratings. The show presents exclusive Mediterranean diet recipes bringing the beauty of our Greece, having filmed exclusively in Greece. The third television season of the show will be screened in June 2015 which will also be the start of YOLENIS.COM in the US market

In conjunction with this show, her family Yoleni’s had the honor to participate in the conference «Mediterranean diet and workplace health», held on 27/9 & 28/9 in Boston, USA and organized by Harvard School of Public Health in which the broadcast was the role of the co-host. For the first time a Greek shop of traditional products, participated in a conference of Harvard, presenting the activity, trying to pass on the beneficial capabilities of the Mediterranean diet in the American public.

In times of crisis for our country and a completely new market -through diadiktyou- is interesting that lets promising signs for the future.

We believe in Yolenis, aim higher and higher and deliver our vision the Yoleni’s become the largest promotion portal of traditional Greek products around the world, serving customers in the best way possible having as principle the Greek hospitality!

The vision of the family of Yoleni’s is to make known worldwide the beneficial properties of the Mediterranean diet and the Greek land and conquer the first position in the online food market. This will be done through a dining-communicative and almost theatrical experience based on exploration and full respect for the protagonist ‘Man-Consumer ” . The aim of Yoleni’s are the visitors to explore and experience the Mediterranean “treasures” of the Greek land, with high nutritional and cultural value! ”

Visit Yolenis in www.yolenis.com

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A nossa meta e transformar a experiência de vida através da tecnologia,trazer preços altamente competitivos,associados a um suporte impar e um relacionamento humano.

Por que Eagle?
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O nosso simbolo possui uma seta, que indica o foco e direção, que como as águias, busca o foco, Uma águia nunca volta de uma caça de “garras vazias”,sabem o que quer,únicas aves que enfrentam tempestades..

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Through Sub Contract Market, companies, known as buyers, can outsource work contracts or primary or secondary services to a supply chain of off-site sub-contractors, known as bidders, for procurement. This allows them to cut overhead costs and save money, while gaining access to a supply chain of worldwide talents and skills.

Sub- contractors also have the opportunities to access finance.

Buyers put their contracts up for procurement on our categorized online marketplace. All the sub-contractors in our registered database receive alerts when a contract that matches their services is posted for procurement. Every member of Sub-Contract Market’s supply chain of sub-contractors registers for free, but must be thoroughly vetted and confirmed for competence and skill level before they are allowed to place procurement bids on contract.

After a contract has been advertised, interested sub-contractors can post bids on it. At the end of the bidding period, Sub-Contract Market presents the buyer with the list of Sub-contractor procurement quotes, from which the buyer may choose two or more sub-contractors to fulfil their contract.
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Sub-Contract Market was founded by Mark Odenore, a sub-contractor for 20 years. Mark’s experiences as a sub-contractor led him to believe that there had to be a better way to connect interested buyers to professional sub-contracting suppliers. In 2006, he set up Mid-west Services (UK) Ltd, a company that specializes in facilitating sub-contracting procurement.
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Tradohub.com is a leading India’s first e-commerce site providing industrial raw materials at affordable price for the purpose of small and medium scale enterprises. The site is not only providing industrial materials, but also offers food as well as agriculture chemicals, pharmaceutical products, polymers as well as additives and other essential industrial raw materials around the world. The world is running fast due to the advancement of technology and it has been spread in every corner of the world. Trudohub.com is situated in Ahmedabad, India and also operating its business worldwide.

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About Tradohub.com:

Tradohub.com is one of the leading e-commerce sites provides high standard industrial raw materials online. The company is situated and operating from Ahmedabad, India. The company is highly acclaimed for providing quality materials at affordable price.

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