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This website has a huge collection of sofas like fabric, leather sofas online UK, and corner sofas, apart from armchairs and sofa beds. In addition, the store also has other collections like clearance sofas, reclining sofas, suites, 3-seat sofas and 2-seat sofas.

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When it comes to shopping for the best sofas online UK, is the best place. This is a new web store established with the aim of bringing a huge collection of great sofas at a very competitive cost for shoppers.

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N’Damus London Launches in NYC

N’Damus London, known for it’s ‘classically stylish’ luxury handcrafted leather bags and accessories, will launch its U.S. brand at the Magnises Townhouse in NYC on March 5. Featured in Vogue, Tatler, Elle, Harpers Bazaar, InStyle, Marie Claire & The Guardian early on, and carried by celebrities and athletes, N’Damus London has been widely followed in both the United Kingdom and the United States since its inception in 2006.

Designer Nneka Onyenakala, a Biomedical Science Graduate equally passionate about creating bespoke leather goods, clean lines, and unwavering construction, developed the brand to dispel the myth that ‘handmade has to look handmade.’ N’Damus London prides itself on working with a local manufacturer in London, their 20 years of experience lending to the quality and impeccably constructed pieces.

The N’Damus brand continues to evolve and has called on its new New York presence as inspiration for a new line of rucksacks, vividly colored clutches, document cases, and card cases.

Media, Buyers and Fashion Industry Executives are invited to attend the N’Damus Launch on Thursday. Please RSVP with your company affiliation, and applicable social profiles here:

About N’Damus London
We’re a small independent company based in London that designs & crafts classically stylish luxury leather bags & accessories. All products are handmade in London, England.

We work closely with a small manufacturing company in London with over 20 years manufacturing experience & expertise. We continue to work closely with our customers creating bespoke bags & accessories to produce stylish and classically unique products. N’Damus London is relentlessly focused on creating stylish, classic, modern and unique pieces with impeccable construction.

N’Damus London proud to have received press features in the creme dela creme of the fashion world including Vogue, Tatler, Elle, Harpers Bazaar, InStyle, Marie Claire & The Guardian.

About The Designer, Nneka Onyenakala
In 2006 self taught designer Nneka Onyenakala began creating bags in her London home inspired by a desire to produce handbags to match her rainbow coloured collection of stilettos.

She is also educated with a degree in Biomedical Science.

The full N’Damus Press Kit is available for download now.

Like N’Damus on Facebook and Follow N’Damus on Instagram and Twitter for up-to-the-minute updates! baner vei for de beste e-væsker og e-sigaretter i Norge. tilbyr e-væsker og e-sigarett produkter i beste kvalitet og til gode priser. Vi baner vei for de beste e-væsker og e-sigaretter i Norge. har blitt førstevalget for mange.

Med mer enn tusenvis av fornøyde kunder som er fornøyd med kvaliteten som tilbys, fortsetter selskapet å vokse hver eneste dag.

Om for få år siden tilbød vi troverdig service ved å levere høykvalitets e-sigaretter og e-væsker til dampere i Norge. Norgessigaretten er et selskap basert i Latvia (EU siden 2004), siden det ikke er lovlig å selge e-sigaretter og e-væsker med nikotin i Norge. Vi etterstreber å gjøre vårt beste for å gi deg den beste service, stort produktutvalg, rask levering og gode priser med appellerende avslagskampanjer.

Våre kunders meninger:

“Jeg har vært kunde i ca ett år, og er svært fornøyd. Varene Deres er av god kvalitet, og kommer i posten etter kort tid. Hver gang! Favorittproduktene mine er ONE e-sigg, og First Pick e-væske”

“Jeg er veldig fornøyd med deres e-nikotin væske, den smaker bedre enn andre jeg har prøvd og den irriterer ikke luftveiene.

“Vil bare takke igjen for en fantastisk survice. Alltid like morsomt å få en liten ekstra overraskelse

Trips with Pets Offer Comprehensive Information on Pet Friendly Hotels, Car Rental Agencies, and Air Carriers.

Pet Friendly HotelsTrips with Pets Offer Comprehensive Information on To a pet owner, his/her pet is not merely an animal but his/her companion, friend as well a valued member of the family. Hence, it is obvious that in the instances that he/she plans for a trip or a day out, there would be aspirations to be accompanied by the pet, which is apparently a tough deal as the transporter as well as the hotels usually adopts a not pet policy. Trips with Pets assist the pet owners to chance the scenario.

Trips with Pets happen to be an online portal that is dedicated towards the interest of the pet lovers and the pet owners. The objective of this portal is to furnish important information on the rearing the pets. Visiting the portal, the pet owner will get the information about the Pet friendly hotels that welcomes the pet owners in the company of their pets, car rental agencies that allows the pet to be accommodated in their cars as well as the pet-friendly airline carriers that allow the boarding of the pets and hence, the pet owners can accomplish the desire to take the pets along with, while they go out for a trip.

It is obvious, if you own a cat as a pet, getting information about the Cat friendly hotels will always assist you to plan and arrange your trip conveniently and hassle-free style. Aside furnishing the information on the Dog-friendly hotels or the carriers that allow the pet to be accommodated, Trips with Pets also provides information about the sources that can get the pet owner the necessary pet products as cheaper rates.

As per the spokesperson of the portal “our objective is to support the pet owners to consolidate their relationship with their favorite pet companions”.

About Trips with Pets
Trips with Pets is a website that provides information about pet care and Pet-friendly hotels, car rental agencies as well as the air carriers that allows the boarding in the company of the pets. Visit for more information.

Media Contact:
Trips with Pets
3650 Rogers Road, Suite 259
Wake Forest, NC 27587
Phone: (919) 249-PETS (7387)


Trips with Pets is the one-stop source for the information on Pet friendly hotels, car rental agencies as well as the air carriers that allows the pet owner to be accompanied by their pets, Car Rental Agencies, and Air Carriers.

Toni Kim Offers ChristianLife Coaching To Give Women a Better Quality Of Life

2467481Although women around the world had turned largely outgoing in contemporary times; it is a fact that the liberty often threatens them with loads of unbearable burden, both in the family and professional life. It inevitably results in the accumulation of stress that eats away her health and quality of life. This is where a modern lady sincerely can be benefited from the Christian life coaching.

Toni Kim holds extensive experience as a Christian life coach for women and her initiative “Light of the world coaching” is directed towards providing the guidance and coaching to the contemporary women on the various aspects of life and provides them the most extensive guidance as how to manage the adverse instances in life, giving them a better quality of life. As a life coach for women, she helps women to handle the complexities and the stresses in life more efficiently so that they live a better life.

Offering the personal as well as the online session of life coaching for women, the guidance from Toni Kim is oriented and based on the foundations of Christianity and hence, the approach is to solve the troubles in the materialistic world with the remedies having the spiritual essence. One can take a few free consultancy sessions with Toni before subscribing for her life coaching session at a reasonable price.

Toni Kim States “my objective is to take spiritualism closely to the materialistic world and enable the modern women to embrace the message of Lord as remedies o their worldly troubles. The mission is all about giving women a batter quality of life as well a purposeful living. The private sessions are targeted towards bringing self-reliance, confidence as well as to foster personal development and transiting the stressful life to a blissful living”.

About Light of the world coaching
The Light of the world coaching is an initiative by Toni Kim to foster self-reliance, confidence and personal growth among the modern women, based on the doctrines and fundamental of Christianity. You can visit for more information.


Light of the world coaching is the endeavor from Toni Kim to offer Christian life coaching to women worldwide to make their life peaceful and purposeful.

Incorporating Fur In To Spring Decorating With


Style blog Bohemian Treehouse recently posted a blog on spring decorating with fur.  Fur was widely used within interior decorating over the winter but just because the temperatures are rising doesn’t mean you have to put away the furs you used to spice up your home.

This informative and inspirational blog post gives readers tips and advice on how to decorate your home for the spring all while still using those beautiful fur pieces.

The always popular Sheepskin rug was suggested, reminding readers that a Sheepskin rug is perfect all year long no matter what the temperature is outside.  It is especially ideal for homes with hardwood floors as they are generally cooler, a sheepskin rug will add warmth as well as depth to these types of spaces.

Fur pillows will add an elegant and chic look to your bedroom or living room.  Nothing says glamour like a fur pillow!  The Sheepskin pillows featured on SheepskinTown are ideal for spring decorating because Sheepskin fibres are breathable which means that you will never feel too hot with a Sheepskin pillow near you.  A fur pillow is a less expensive way to incorporate fur in to your interior decorating.

Finally, my absolute favorite suggestion in this blog post was fur for your outdoor patio!  Provided that you remember to bring your fur indoors at the end of the day and do not leave them outside in bad weather conditions this is a wonderful way to bring life and glamour to your outdoor living space.  You will be the talk of the neighborhood when you add any type of fur to your patio and it will instantly add that pop of style that you’ve been looking for!

To view the full blog post for more idea’s and tips on how to decorate your home for the spring visit Bohemian Treehouse and then visit SheepskinTown so we can help you achieve those looks in your own home!

TripsWithPets Offers Pets On-the-Move: A Moving Guide for Pets

Wake Forest, NC – April 10, 2013 – TripsWithPets knows how challenging moving to a new home and a new town can be, especially when the move involves a beloved family pet. In order to meet the needs of families facing this difficult transition, TripsWithPets offers Pets on-the-Move: A Moving Guide for Pets. This free online moving guide is jam-packed with everything a family needs to know in order to successfully move with their pet.

Pets On-the-Move offers the following helpful information and resources:

  • Pet Relocation Service: If the move is international or cross-country, or if flying or driving with your pet just isn’t an option, a pet relocation service may be a wise choice. This section provides information about securing a reputable company as well as helpful tips to narrow down which one to choose.
  • Airline Pet Policies: There are a lot of regulations regarding flying with pets. This section displays a list of airlines and directly links to that specific airline’s policies.
  • Search by Route: Due to a massive request for this service, users can simply enter the departure and destination cities and a list of all the pet friendly hotels (and other pet friendly properties) within a 3 or 5 mile radius of the route are returned. This is perfect for those families driving to their new homes and need to know where they can stop with their pets along the way.
  • Tips, tips, and more tips: There are a hundred and one things to remember when moving with a pet. The guide covers everything from what to prepare for before the move to advice on making sure furry family members are comfortable in their new surroundings.
  • Pet Moving Essentials: You name it – pet travel crates and kennels, pet seat belts, vehicle pet barriers, and pet car seats; the moving guide includes all the pet travel supplies you’ll need.

“Pets On-the-Move is our answer to all of the inquiries we receive on a regular basis from people moving with their pets. Over 89 million US and Canadian households have pets but there wasn’t a well-defined resource out there that we could send people to, so we made our own,” said Kim Salerno, President of TripswithPets. “This guide is perfect not only for the families who are moving, but for real estate agents, moving companies, local chambers of commerce – any organization that’s involved in the moving process and wants to better serve their clients!”

TripswithPets designed Pets On-the-Move:  A Moving Guide for Pets  to be a one-stop shop for moving families to get all the information they need to make sure their furry friends are cared for, happy, and safe every step of the way to their new home.  To learn more visit, is the #1 online resource for pet travel. It was named BEST pet travel site by Consumer Reports! offers resources to ensure pets are welcome, happy, and safe when traveling.  The website features a directory of pet friendly hotels & accommodations across the U.S. and Canada, airline & car rental pet policies, dog friendly beaches, search by route, pet travel tips, pet travel supplies, along with other pet travel resources.