Launch of New Full Service, Professional Medical Marketing Company Serving California

A new full service, professional website for Medical Marketing Company has recently launched, providing creative and engaging Medical video production services for both small and large companies throughout the California.Trinsic Animation brings a new perspective in appealing to audiences by doing away with the cookie-cutter video production approach. It’s a unique new national collective of talented and creative minds who have deep content, commercial and broadcast production experience. The video production company for Medical marketing firms specializes in problem solving, branding and executing in an efficient and effective manner.

About Trinsic Animation:

Trinsic Animation is a full service scientific and medical animation company. From initial concept to final mobile delivery, our medically trained team can bring your project to life. From medical device work to pharmacological medical animations, call us toll free at 1-855-337-6257 FREE to see how we can make your project a success.

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ContentTools Introducing Creating Amazing Content Tools For Your Specific Needs

website for Content marketing agencyContent marketing tools by ContentTools interactive content for your website. ContentTools is a website for Content marketing agency to easily create and publish different forms of interactive content on any website or blog. ContentTools is used to drive website traffic, generate leads and increase social engagement. All tools have lead generation features to collect email addresses, Facebook likes and Twitter followers. Creating engaging content on a regular basis can be hard, and ContentTools makes it easier. ContentTools offers a free 14-day trial to try out the suite of tools and watch it bring value to your digital strategy. Sign up today at

Product – We have tools to create multiple forms of interactive content. We also have lead generation and audience building features for all of our tools.

Customer Service – We have a great team that is here to help businesses succeed using interactive content. Whether you need a product demo, content ideas for your business, or technical help, the ContentTools team is here for you.

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HEADQUARTERS: Louisville, Kentucky


Procurement Outsourcing Platform Future of Outsourcing – Sub Contracting Market

Through Sub Contract Market, companies, known as buyers, can outsource work contracts or primary or secondary services to a supply chain of off-site sub-contractors, known as bidders, for procurement. This allows them to cut overhead costs and save money, while gaining access to a supply chain of worldwide talents and skills.

Sub- contractors also have the opportunities to access finance.

Buyers put their contracts up for procurement on our categorized online marketplace. All the sub-contractors in our registered database receive alerts when a contract that matches their services is posted for procurement. Every member of Sub-Contract Market’s supply chain of sub-contractors registers for free, but must be thoroughly vetted and confirmed for competence and skill level before they are allowed to place procurement bids on contract.

After a contract has been advertised, interested sub-contractors can post bids on it. At the end of the bidding period, Sub-Contract Market presents the buyer with the list of Sub-contractor procurement quotes, from which the buyer may choose two or more sub-contractors to fulfil their contract.
Joining Sub-Contract Market’s opportunity supply chain is as easy as 1-2-3. Find out how you can connect to a new world of sub-contracting procurement as a buyer or as a sub-contractor today.


Sub-Contract Market was founded by Mark Odenore, a sub-contractor for 20 years. Mark’s experiences as a sub-contractor led him to believe that there had to be a better way to connect interested buyers to professional sub-contracting suppliers. In 2006, he set up Mid-west Services (UK) Ltd, a company that specializes in facilitating sub-contracting procurement.
Sub-Contract Market is the realization of Mark’s desire to make sub-contracting procurement as easy and effortless as other online transactions. It’s the newest, most intuitive, and most professional sub-contracting supply chain platform available.



The Leading E-Commerce Site Tradohub.Com Provides Industrial, Pharma And Agricultural Raw Materials

Getting raw materials from Tradohub can help keep one’s facility running. From Vinyl acetate monomer, hydrochloric acid, beta blue, purified terephthalic acid, PVC resin, amino resin and much, much more Tradohub stocks. People who are in need these things or other industrial raw materials can get in touch with the Tradohub. They can get online through online at affordable price. One can save time by shopping for the purpose of raw materials at This online site is getting immense popularity day by day that procures raw materials at highly subsidized rates. The good thing is that all materials delivered from manufacturer to purchaser’s factory or warehouse. is a leading India’s first e-commerce site providing industrial raw materials at affordable price for the purpose of small and medium scale enterprises. The site is not only providing industrial materials, but also offers food as well as agriculture chemicals, pharmaceutical products, polymers as well as additives and other essential industrial raw materials around the world. The world is running fast due to the advancement of technology and it has been spread in every corner of the world. is situated in Ahmedabad, India and also operating its business worldwide.

Individuals who want to buy industrial raw materials easily, efficiently at economical price can buy from or are looking to supply industrial, agricultural or pharmaceutical raw materials can contact with this e-commerce company. Tradohub helps people to raise profit margins as well as nullify economies of scale of large enterprises. The site is giving ample scope to suppliers to contact directly to reach the large as well as fast growing small and medium enterprises market. In today’s highly competitive and monotonous online marketing Tradohub proved that it is second to none for providing best quality industrial raw materials at best price. It has given the online marketing a different look, takes care of cumbersome marketing, supplying and distributing chain issues, and giving a new hike. Getting large volume of orders from numerous buyers and sending them on time.

About is one of the leading e-commerce sites provides high standard industrial raw materials online. The company is situated and operating from Ahmedabad, India. The company is highly acclaimed for providing quality materials at affordable price.

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Phone: 079-40325635


Master Trainer and Expert in Coaching – Dave Manners

sales training

Dave Manners is a master trainer and expert in coaching individual’s and executive clients.  He has taken companies from inception to £45 million turnover and has trained hundreds of the country’s best people.  For the last four years he has dedicated his time and commitment to become a true master of the mind and body.  Dave Manners himself started out as one of the top sales people in the country, before developing into one of the top directors, managing well over 100 staff.  Responsible for driving growth, setting direction and achieving great success.  Dave is a highly successful business entrepreneur and what sets him apart from other training companies is the fact that first and foremost he has achieved the highest success within both his business life and personal life.

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Storytelling – The Irresistible Power Helps To Build Your Business



As its name does not indicate, my method is not “hard”! It is based on simple principles, and provides support step by step. However, it requires a personal investment, and voluntary and rigorous attitude arise, think instead of rushing out an application, refuse prémâchée work, trust his creative capital, training …

Beyond its aesthetic qualities, a successful presentation is structured to capture the audience from the first seconds, to address the intimate center of each. Visual, appropriate and clear elements must support the report. The presenter must be able to create a harmonious relationship with the public, establish a real communication and convincing.


H : Humanize: presentations are personal. People connect with other people, and even more so with people like themselves.

A  : Analyze: so that the public appreciate your presentation and is interested in your message, you must know what is important to HIM, and adapt the benefits of your proposal (product, service) according to his expectations.

R  : Write a story: you (your brand, company, product) have a unique and inimitable history. Knowing the structure is to create concrete and memorable where, in par before there were only abstract data.

D  : Draw a striking visual: good design increases to 80% the impact of the presentation. Eliminate silly pictures and make speak your visual identity.

T  : Training Presenter: a speaker who knows his presentation on the fingertips, which operates its strengths, shows his enthusiasm and creates empathy with his audience offers an experience that will live long in the memory of the public.

We offer workshops in French and English, which help you to raise the persuasiveness of presentations and selling your ideas!


I was about 8 years old when I attended for the first time in a presentation. That evening, I was able to convince my father to take me with him without having the slightest idea where he went.

In a large room, some two hundred people laughed, cried, vibrated, and cheered a great man, blind since the age of three, who had come to share the terrible hardships, but also the great joys of his life. It was magical! This blind man was delivering his naked soul, exposing his weaknesses with amazing confidence in his audience, he guided on a path known only to himself.

The energy and motivation he breathed his audience remained etched in my memory indelibly. This first experience was not until much later gain meaning for me.

In my native country, Brazil, I fired my Masters in Visual Communication and a Diploma in Fashion Design. In Belgium I continued my studies: Advertising, Marketing, sales techniques, NLP, along with painting, writing and theater, which I practiced as an amateur. My deepest desire was to integrate different elements to transmit messages more effectively and creatively.

Over the years, the practical observation in addition to theoretical knowledge, I learned gross errors – and more subtle – that we should not commit. I noted a number of ingredients that work. More importantly, perhaps, I have learned that with good advice and proper involvement, everyone can deal with its strengths and weaknesses, to develop and deliver a quality presentation to an audience.

Through workshops and conferences, we have already helped hundreds of people to tell their stories, to become better presenters and their projects succeed.

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8 Ways to Power-Up Your Crowdfunding Pitch

Entrepreneurs are using crowdfunding to pitch their ideas to a crowd of people in the hope of raising funds. You have an idea, crowdfunding-circleformulate the logistics of the plan, and then upload the idea to ChibaTrade, where a crowd of contributors will see it and if they like it, will pledge a certain amount to the project. Quite simple if you ask me. Hold your horses for a second. Uploading a project and making a project successful is two different things. ChibaTrade has grown in popularity but that doesn’t mean you go in head first and expect every member to pledge to your campaign. That is why were here to help. In this blog post we will be telling you 8 strategic ways to power up your crowdfunding pitch. Remember it’s a war to win the hearts and mind of backers and your pitch is your first point of contact with potential backers.

1. Analyze successful and unsuccessful projects and plan your campaign accordingly.

2. Next, plan. As the old saying goes “plan before you plant”

3. Keep the contents of your video short, simple and engaging: You only make a first impression once

4. Make sure your pitch gets to the point and is clear and concisive

5. Show off your passion. Let viewers know: Why are you passionate about projects, and why should they be

as well?

6. Clips and photos don’t have to be “professional” or polished. However, make sure it looks presentable. And not difficult to watch or read.

7. Show yourself in your own pitch video

A mistake many crowdfunders make is not starring in their pitch videos. The truth is you must appear in your pitch video. People give to people, not to projects.

8. Believe in yourself – when you believe in yourself than the positive energy will show, if you want people to believe in you, first believe in.

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