Procurement Outsourcing Platform Future of Outsourcing – Sub Contracting Market

Through Sub Contract Market, companies, known as buyers, can outsource work contracts or primary or secondary services to a supply chain of off-site sub-contractors, known as bidders, for procurement. This allows them to cut overhead costs and save money, while gaining access to a supply chain of worldwide talents and skills.

Sub- contractors also have the opportunities to access finance.

Buyers put their contracts up for procurement on our categorized online marketplace. All the sub-contractors in our registered database receive alerts when a contract that matches their services is posted for procurement. Every member of Sub-Contract Market’s supply chain of sub-contractors registers for free, but must be thoroughly vetted and confirmed for competence and skill level before they are allowed to place procurement bids on contract.

After a contract has been advertised, interested sub-contractors can post bids on it. At the end of the bidding period, Sub-Contract Market presents the buyer with the list of Sub-contractor procurement quotes, from which the buyer may choose two or more sub-contractors to fulfil their contract.
Joining Sub-Contract Market’s opportunity supply chain is as easy as 1-2-3. Find out how you can connect to a new world of sub-contracting procurement as a buyer or as a sub-contractor today.


Sub-Contract Market was founded by Mark Odenore, a sub-contractor for 20 years. Mark’s experiences as a sub-contractor led him to believe that there had to be a better way to connect interested buyers to professional sub-contracting suppliers. In 2006, he set up Mid-west Services (UK) Ltd, a company that specializes in facilitating sub-contracting procurement.
Sub-Contract Market is the realization of Mark’s desire to make sub-contracting procurement as easy and effortless as other online transactions. It’s the newest, most intuitive, and most professional sub-contracting supply chain platform available.